5 Adventures In Texas Hill Country

Posted: Aug 18 2014

The Texas Hill Country is a twenty-five county region of Central and South Texas featuring karst topography (a landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite, and gypsum) and tall rugged hills. In Hill Country, we have discovered 5 hidden adventures you need to put on your bucket list!
1. Kayak the Medina River
Kayak your way through the tunnels of cypress trees hovering over the Medina River.
2. Spend the Night in a Garden
Retreat for the night and wake up to the fresh scents of a garden
at one of the Sunday Houses at Fredericksburg Herb Farm.
These cozy little cottages were built like the old-time Sunday Houses
that German farmers built to stay in on the weekends when they would go into town.
3. Hike to Gorman Falls
Put your walking shoes on and spend the day hiking around Gorman Falls.
This 1.5 mile long hike takes you through rugged ranch country passing half a dozen
cascades that spill from 60-foot high limestone cliffs into a moss draped grotto.
4.  Drive Highway 16
On your way to explore Hill Country, take scenic Highway 16.
This winding road travels throughout 30 miles of Texas Hill Country taking you on one
of the most scenic routes in Texas.
5. Dig for Topaz
You don't have to go to the mall to find yourself a gorgeous gem.
In Hill Country you can hunt for topaz gems when you stay as a guest at Lindsay Ranch.
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